Sunday, September 1, 2013

Orientation Highlights

The YAGM volunteers traveled to their host communities last night. Here are some pictures of the highlights from their orientation, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina...

Just after arriving to Buenos Aires

Pastor Alan Eldrid tells the history of this IELU congregation, that includes the stories of immigrants from Hungary and Slovakia.

Pastora Wilma Rommel, Vice President of the IELU, shows the distribution of the IELU congregations throughout Argentina and Uruguay, with the map at the IELU´s central offices in Buenos Aires
Young adults from nearby IELU congregations teach the YAGMs "Castellano," the form of Spanish used here. The classes invove interactive games, music, and other creative approaches of learning and practicing the language for the YAGMs´daily life. 

Music Day! The YAGM volunteers write 2 songs in Castellano (videos of these songs to follow) accompanied by the musical friends of the Castellano instructors.

Some group-building activities to build trust within the group and to discuss the ways in which they will communicate their experience to their loved ones in the Sending Communities.

The YAGMs in front of Argentina´s government house, watching the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo march in this plaza, as they do each Thursday afternoon.

Jen, a YAGM who will live in Uruguay this year, learns different techniques of how to fold an empanada; a common food in both Argentina and Uruguay.

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  1. Having made two mission trips to Argentina, I'm excited to watch your posts through the next year! There are people in Azul, Buenos Aires and Tandil whom I love dearly and pray that you find the same love and acceptance that I did. Muchas bendiciones.
    Diane LaFontaine