Friday, December 6, 2013

November Retreat: Part Two

Jumping picture in front of a beautiful Spring sunset.

YAGM Katie M. uses art to show what her first 3 months have been like.

The volunteers participated in sessions about initiative and accompaniment, spritual growth, abundance, scarcity, coping, charity and change, among other sessions. 

YAGM volunteers Jen D., Katie M., and Josh B. work in a small group for one of the sessions.

The directora of the farm shows the volunteers the different types of plants that are grown at the farm.

The volunteers meet the newest member of the farm´s cheese-making team.

Our Thanksgiving simulation meal.

Cheesy Potatoes.

The volunteers plus the farm's cook David, at the Thanksgiving simulation meal (2 weeks before Thanksgiving). David graciously loaned us his kitchen and helped us to create an authentic feast. We realized well into the cooking process that we hadn´t purchased a turkey or a chicken, so this meal was sides-only. It was delicious and abundant.

The volunteers leading their sending worship service. 

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