Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Accompaniment "opens doors"

Uruguay YAGM Elizabeth T. tells of an unexpected example of how her host family is teaching her about accompaniment:

"Wanna hear a cool story about teamwork and trust-building in another culture? The bolt to the bathroom door broke today. A minor problem, only I was inside at the time. Turns out that neither Gaby (host sister) nor I can describe the complexities of locks in our second language. However, she graciously accompanied me through this half-hour ordeal (this was on the 2nd story where there is no air-conditioning and it is the middle of summer) and passed useful things under the door. I was finally able to escape by breaking off part of a pair of tweezers and dismantling the door from the inside. Luckily we managed this moments before Cristina (host mother) left work and called the fire department, the natural guard, and a priest. Hooray for accompaniment!"

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